Synchronous Reading with Friends

3 min read

Reading a textbook on your own outside an institution is hard. The best hack for me has been to read the textbook synchronously with a friend.

I’m not referring to discussing readings you did on your own with friends.

Reading synchronously means reading the same thing together at the same time. Read out of the same physical book or share screen on Zoom. Only flip to the next page when both of you have finished. Read silently, but interrupt each other if you don’t understand something or have a comment.

I’ll list some reasons why synchronous reading is great, but ultimately reading a textbook with a friend is just way more fun than reading it alone!


Thanks Santi (opens in a new tab) for showing me this technique and to all the people who I read things with the past few years!

If you have a strong background in math or physics and want to read things together, I’d love to read with you! Here are some things I’d like to read:

Reach out if you're interested.