Raffi Hotter


I am currently a research fellow at the Cohen Lab (opens in a new tab) at Harvard and trying to learn as much physics as possible. My goal is to build magical brain computer interfaces for humanity.

I'm most proud of the communities I helped build, like School 2.0 (opens in a new tab) — a 26-person group house in New Mexico. Marley (opens in a new tab), Aayush (opens in a new tab), and I recently started a group house (opens in a new tab) in Cambridge, MA — message me if you're in town and need a free place to stay or want to come for Sunday dinner!

In the past, I studied math, computer science, and a touch of physics and neuroscience at McGill. I spent most of my summers in college trying to build a low-cost ultrasound-based brain scanner (opens in a new tab), but recently put it on pause. In the past past, I loved taking part in science fairs and won 2nd place in Physics at ISEF.

Twitter (opens in a new tab) · Curius (opens in a new tab) · GitHub (opens in a new tab) · raphael.hotter@gmail.com